Buy Me! (You know that you want to!) by Graeme Sandford

This poet voices my allergy for marketing quite well. Smile!

Graeme Sandford

Buy Me

Buy Me! Buy Me!
Don’t buy them
Only Buy Me!
Once you’ve tried me
You’ll only Buy Me!
They may be better
And ‘really’ nice
But, I’m half as good
At twice the price!
Buy Me!
And, Special Offer,
This week only
Buy ‘One’ for the price of ‘Three!’
Buy Me! Buy Me!
And I may not do what I say on the label
And I may not work at all – my claims may be a fable
My leaking cause a stain on your table…
But, Buy Me! Buy Me! Buy Me!
Now with ‘Splinge!!’ and added Gribble Tang!
What more could you ask for – and ‘louder’ than SILLI-BANG!
I’m sure that the Advert Standards Authority will only agree
With the stated fact that you should only Buy Me! Buy Me! BUY! ME!
small print
the makers of this product will take no responsibility whatsoever for any outcomes that…

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