Lorna McLeod, PCC, Certified Financial Coach™:

Angela Van Son consistently yet gently coaches me to see how much procrastination costs me … in peace of mind, and in lost opportunities for new clients. With her coaching I’m consistently taking action steps to build my business. Even better, she encourages me to celebrate when I’ve completed an action. That helps me appreciate the power of doing things now, rather than putting them off. And I’m finding I’m happier about what I’m doing, too!

Laura Lozza M.sc. CPCC:

Angela, you are a great coach! I wish you a lot of success. Having experienced your kind, surprisingly simple and yet brilliant style of coaching, I know that many others are going to find motivation and inspiration thanks to you. Way to go!!

Patti Miller, co-owner of Panorama at the Peak:

Hi Angela - writing to let you know how much i'm benefitting from your work...I have found each of your tools useful - different ones for different jobs...different types of procastination. Now that i'm looking at it, I see procrastination comes in many flavors..
I've re-adopted the toad. He was with me for more than a decade when i was in Real Estate. He's now Mon, Weds, Fri for small stuff that I 'm dreading doing.
Pomodoro - I have now used for multiple projects. Usually big ones that don't get finished in a day or a week. it keeps me from the temptation to be distracted (eg Create new training plan for new employees. Prepare for public presentation)
The 5 minute thing...Something REALLY BIG. I consider these 5 mins 'holding the dream' time. I am grateful for them all!

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