Totally recommended

I’ve always hated affiliate marketing. It makes me distrust many of the “wow, this was great messages”. Do they mean it, or are they increasing their income?

Today, I’ve decided to become an affiliate anyway. For one simple reason: I’ve been promoting this lady for as long as I’ve worked with her, because I think she does an awesome job. Her courses have been life changing for me, and I sign up for each new one she creates.

I’m talking about both free and paid e-courses on creativity. The funny thing is, I didn’t even want to increase my creativity. I was just curious to learn more about e-courses. As I had created a course to get rid of procrastination in Moodle, I wondered how other people delivered their courses. It just happened that I had saw Jani Franck  on Twitter, she looked sympathetic, and I had time to do a free e-course. I thought creativity was a subject that I wouldn’t mind.

I was in for a pleasant suprise. Many surprises actually. Some of them were about my own creativity. Right now I draw and write almost daily. Simply because I want to. I can assure you, I didn’t see that coming… It enriches my life and makes me feel better.

Another suprise was about how people think in general. I noticed how almost everybody thinks what they create is not good enough. They can see the beauty in other peoples works, but mainly see flaws in their own work. That freed me up to share my not-good-enough work. Which got unexpected nice feedback. Amazing, and very stimulating. (Food for thought even for someone who has work as a trainer and coach for almost ten years, and is Always looking for ways to help people grow and be happy about themselves.)

Secretly, Jani’s courses are great personal development courses, even if she doesn’t advertise them that way. Even for people like me, who are not an artist and don’t even think for a second about selling works they create.

I’ve gained lots from every course, even when I seriously doubted whether I was in the target group:

I first followed the Unearth your creative nature course. Though I thought even doodling was too difficult a task for me, I got back in touch with the joy I had in creating when I was a child.

Then I entered the Follow the Butterflies course. My aim was to work on recreating my coaching business. I also got new tools to get access to my inner wisdom, and gain leverage on my inner demons.

The I joined the Creative journalling course. I’m not a journaller and don’t expect to turn into one pretty soon. But as a very much left brained person who tends to be focused solely on words (well, at least that’s what I thought), it established new creative habits that help me in my daily life.

Now I have signed up for Blooming creatives. It hasn’t started yet, so I don’t know what it will bring me. But I can assure you I’ve been waiting for Jani to tell me “Yes, I actually think this will be of value for you for your business”. It says something about her integrity that it took her a while before she came up with this 🙂 Jani does no hard selling, she does real stuff.

As you can tell, I’m a fan. And now I’m an affiliate.

I didn’t even mention that I’ve also gained some great online friendships. We continue to support each other even after a course is finished. Because we appreciate so much how we’ve worked together and what that brought us.

And you know what? You might even learn some more about productivity and procrastination in Jani’s courses. So this blogpost is not as off topic as it may seem 😉

2 thoughts on “Totally recommended

  1. Joanne McAlpine

    I agree, I don’t usually like what I create. However, I have learned to take my drawing and put it away – when I come back to it a couple of weeks later I think “Hey that’s pretty damn good, what was I thinking.”

    I like that she has reasonable prices, that I’m tempted.



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