Searching for images on procrastination

I’m doing work on my website and blog, helped by the wonderful, knowledgeable (and fast) Lisa Cole from

We’re brainstorming images for my website, images that people link to procrastination. I’m not really good at that…

I’m looking for images that YOU (real people, daily life people) associate with procrastination. I’m not looking for the kind of jokes or images that turn up when you Google.

Any thoughts? Suggestions?
Or if you are creative: any examples of your creative work that would be suitable? I prefer original over perfect, just so you know… I could link to your page or buy the image if I can afford your price.

10 thoughts on “Searching for images on procrastination

  1. Joanne McAlpine

    It’s hard for me to conjure up an image but I know the feeling. It feels like being pulled away and letting it pull you from the things that are important. Like the little devil on you shoulder who whispers in your ear saying “that can wait, I think your sister wants you to call her” or “it’s beautiful out, how often can you enjoy this weather.” Something like that.


  2. sleepwellss

    This is interesting to think about. A picture of a tv or Facebook would work for my procrastination “helpers”! Or a picture of a brain with lots of thoughts coming out of it. If I don’t focus on one thing at a time, I end up jumping from task to task and never getting anything really done!


  3. Natasha Shapiro, ATR-BC, LCAT

    Interesting idea. I might have a collage that would fit… Also I’m imagining a staircase with things on a step every couple if steps. For me it would be like climb a few stairs up and there’s a book to read, probably more books as you go up, then maybe on another stair a sketchbook and some pens and a half drawn image, a few steps up a notebook with poetry in it and a pencil, then maybe another notebook and at the top of the stairs would be my graphic novel started 13 years ago…



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