Productivity tips for perceivers

If you’re getting desperate about your relationship with planning and to do lists, they just might not fit your personality type…

Planning and to do lists do not suit everybody

I just read an article that links productivity with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It explains how working in a structured way is great for people who have a preference for the lifestyle called ‘judging’. And how it’s not so great for people who prefer the lifestyle called ‘perceiving’.

The article has handy tips for creating a productivity style that may suit you better if you’re a perceiver. It’s short and practical, and I recommend clicking here to read it.

Do it YOUR way

To increase your happiness and feel good about yourself: do things your way when you can, and the structured way only when you need it…

(Obviously, this works the other way around if you’re a judger: structure when you can, and use the other style only when you need it.)

3 thoughts on “Productivity tips for perceivers

  1. Joanne McAlpine (@BroadcastSunny)

    I remember taking the test, many years ago. I”m pretty sure I’m a J but I bet I have some P in me. I like my lists but I don’t feel there is a pre-determine order. I like a schedule but with flexibility. I’ll do something a specific way for awhile until I get bored then I may change it up. and will definitely change it if it is inefficient for speed. So I guess you can say, I’m a J until I’m not LOL. Interesting perspective.


  2. Mary (@heartofcarrot)

    I also remember taking this test years ago, although I can not remember the results. I do schedule with flexibility as well. I do find however, I get a bit frustrated when people or events get in the way.



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