A procrastinator’s trap when eating frogs…

Well, I guess I should’ve seen it coming. Maybe you’re smarter than me and notice it straight away. Here’s how it went.

We were doing great on our productivity experiments. I’d eaten several frogs the day before, and was ready for a big one. This is what I wrote on the Facebook page: “Mine’s a biggie, it’s been growing for months. It’ll be gone for noon, that’s my promise.” My task looked a little like this:Inthefacefrog

After posting my message, I got to work. I did a little something of this, and a little something of that. I kept thinking of what I should be doing instead. Dreading it, because… well, you can see what this frog looked like. Finally, when it was almost noon, I jumped from my chair. I got working on my frog, fast.

And I did it! The frog was gone before noon. It turned out to be a friendly little animal, a helpful one even. Not the monster I had turned it into…

A few days later, when I was enjoying the results, it dawned upon me… The technique doesn’t simply say eat the frog, it says eat the frog FIRST. I conveniently forgot that when I thought it was a toad.

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5 thoughts on “A procrastinator’s trap when eating frogs…

  1. patti miller

    I love your personal observation and insights that you’ve shared as you’re working through your menu of frogs. It helps me look at my frogs with a more trained eye and open heart. Thanks!



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