Eat the frog

I’m having loads of fun with my new Facebook group, called htts://  I started the group because each time I saw an interesting method, my response was the same: interesting, I should try that out one time. But I never did…

So now the group is experimenting with a classic called Eat the frog. It comes down to identifying the thing on your to do list that your most likely to procrastinate on, and do that first. I’ll include a link to a brilliant video about it at the bottom of this page. First the results.

The good thing is, it works! Several people in the group got things done that they normally don’t, and a few of us had a lot more fun of doing it by being in this group.

Some drawbacks too… I identified a load of frogs, and got working on them.  The technique never told me to do as many as I could, that was my own take on it. It resulted in a boring, discouraging day with nothing but frogs. And in the end some new things turned into frogs because I didn’t pay attention to them.

My tip? Don’t eat all your frogs at once…

More tips on this technique on my next blog. For now, if you don’t know the technique, watch this:

13 thoughts on “Eat the frog

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  2. Angela van Son Post author

    Calling it eating the frog turned out to create a whole new, fun vocabulary around this phenomenon. I thank the guy who came up with this for giving me inspiration around tasks I don’t like 🙂


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