I worked on it and I didn’t drown

When I started my November project, I had one goal that was more important than getting it done: showing myself that my fear of drowning in this chore was nothing more than a fear, and that I am actually able to work on it and not drown. Safe to say: I did it!

I worked on it and didn’t drown.

That deserves some white space. And some bunting.

Yesterday I was a bit bummed that I didn’t reach my result: I still have not gathered everything I need to do our taxes. But… in projects, the results is only a means to an end. My end was going to be doing those taxes in December, and that’s still possible (if that pesky flu is willing to subside). And I have totally reached my other goal:

I worked on it and I didn’t drown.

I think there are more blessings to count, insights to gather, conclusions to come to. But it’s almost bed time for me. And I don’t want to count my blessings, just celebrate this one:

I worked on it and I didn’t drown.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me! My first National Blog Posting Month has been a joy. A struggle, and a joy. A worthwhile struggle, and a joy.

I’ll probably keep writing about this project until it’s done. Not every day, just when I have something to share. As a form of accountability. And because I’m rarely a fan of stories with an open ending 🙂


6 thoughts on “I worked on it and I didn’t drown

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  2. Angela van Son Post author

    It’s February now. I will have to restart my November project (things happened, life, you know). My brain is telling me November was a disaster. It somehow forgot about all the good things… So I’m happy I have this blog to revisit for a reality check. Thanks for your responses and your support!



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