What is keeping you from writing?

Interview on procrastination with yours truly. It was done before the corona crisis reached my life.

Rest assured: corona anxiety induced procrastination is perfectly normal. As is the opposite: getting things done you normally don’t.

I’d love to hear if you procrastinate more, less, or just as much in these strange times of quarantaine and lockdowns. Personally, I get less done. I blame home schooling, but I think I’m also simply unsettled.


2 thoughts on “What is keeping you from writing?

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Do you have a sense of how that works for you? I notice I procrastinate less on some things (some household chores that had been waiting for a long time) and really feel a tendency to procrastinate more on others (like marketing, it just doesn’t feel right to me in this period).



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