Playful unprocrastinating

I was getting way too serious about my idea to create clutter free x-mas presents, in the form of coaching vouchers. I was looking for the perfect word. The best description. Nothing happened.

Tonight I decided to play. Now I have ten possible vouchers you can buy for a loved one.

What they receive is quality time with someone (surprise… It’s me!) who knows how to listen, ask questions, deepen a conversation, create fun, help people come up with ideas and other useful things like that.

What you would pay, is up to your budget. Meaning we can work something out that feels okay for the both of us, no matter your budget.

My goals are:

  • Useful, clutter free x-mas presents
  • Promoting coaching, because it’s great.
  • Raising money for my tuition this year


And here’s the second batch. As you can tell by the names, sessions can be about anything. In English or in Dutch. Uplifting or freeing buried emotions.

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