Permission granted

IMG_20160105_211231.jpgTo not blog today.

To prefer self care over commitment.

To write a silly post.

To not care about lay-out.

To present un unrelated picture, or none at all.

To write a blog post on your phone even when you’re afraid the result will be sub par.

To use words you’re not sure are right.

To not check your spelling.

To make any adjustment needed for a NaBloPoMo day* without stress.

* This also applies to anything else you want to get done today. Just do it your way.

For those who wonder about the left bottom part of the picture, that’s an art work by Gustave Courbet. I admire it for being incredibly bold.

3 thoughts on “Permission granted

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  2. TooFullToWrite

    You are brave to use your phone to post, I always fret about how it will look compared to regular posts. It is probably safer to make them small posts so little can go wrong with them 🙂

    I think I did this once ages ago (posting from my phone). I prefer always posting on my computer because I can search for pictures on the web easily that I want to add to the piece, along with hunting for inspiration on the web too. I have a feature phone that would not be able to post on WordPress right now anyway, so until I get a Smartphone in a couple of months and since I don’t have a laptop, it is still office computer for me all the way.

    Also I like how these pictures are laid out, it reminds me of a criminal investigation board requiring careful analysis 🙂

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