Senseless projects

I’m getting the strangest form of exercise today, and it’s linked to some ongoing senseless projects in our house. They involve a cat and chicken bones.

The cat is the family’s project. All of us keep an eye out, to teach her what she’s allowed to do and what’s forbidden (yes, you can laugh). We can tell she’s getting the hang of it. We can also tell that she doesn’t care what’s allowed or not. She pretends sometimes, but that’s as far as she’ll go.

The other senseless project is chicken bones. My son had dinner at a friends house. He asked if he could takes the chicken bones home, to keep. He could and he did. It’s 5 days later now, and we haven’t had the time to clean the bones yet. Since we can’t wait forever, I’ve just put the bones in a pan of water to boil the flesh off.

Now the cat keeps jumping the kitchen counter. She knows she smells something, but doesn’t understand where it’s coming from. I get up from my laptop, take her off the kitchen counter, and some minutes later she’s up there again.

She now lies in wait to see when I get less alert.

Feel free to invent a link between my story and procrastination. It’s Sunday so I’m keeping my mind off work. No matter how much I like my work πŸ™‚

I hope to be free from fever tomorrow and get back to my project – the reason I joined #NaBloPoMo.


5 thoughts on “Senseless projects

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