There’s always a way to show up

… if you want to. I’m also in favour of boundaries and breaks. Sometimes not showing up is the answer.

What did I need from myself to show up here today?

  • commitment – check
  • something to say – no, fever and tired

So adjustments were needed. Here’s version two:

  • commitment – check
  • an excuse to keep it simple or nonsensical – yes, fever and tired
  • permission to share something simple or nonsensical – only when I pair it with an old blog post, for those who hoped to read something useful, so I don’t waste their time (hello inner critic!)

So you get a cat picture, since other people’s #caturday has made me smile. I chose one with a crochet project next to it, for all #NaBloPoMo crochet lovers.

I can’t believe it took me half an hour to get this post done… By day 25, back to the last Soprano DVD episode I can find, and then to bed. Oh, and here’s that old (very useful!) blog post:

5 thoughts on “There’s always a way to show up

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