Here’s why I don’t plan

I wrote yesterday that I procrastinate on planning – because I fear I won’t stick to it. Then I wrote that I’d start this week with thinking instead of doing. I planned to plan, but I didn’t do it…

Here’s what I did instead. I’ll show you the pictures first, and then explain how I feel about it:

1) A before picture. This is a part of our dinner table. It has been looking like this for more than three months I believe. This even is the already slightly better looking version compared to last week:
2) An after picture… No, not really. This was an intermediate stage. I don’t live in a magazine.

After -I wish

3) The true after picture. It’s more organised than it was before, and I’ve thrown away lots of papers and stuff. There’s still stuff in this pile I have to deal with. It probably won’t happen today.
The real after

If I have enough time and energy today, I’ll clean out the chair first (that pile on the right side of the picture). It stands out like a sore now.

How do I feel now? I’m proud I finally worked on something that I really wanted to get rid of. It’s even linked to my November project: there were papers in there that need to be filed to do our taxes.

I do feel a bit silly for skipping the planning and doing this instead. I said I would plan, and I didn’t do it. Lame. But… That’s my inner critic talking. I’ll hand the microphone over to my inner adult:

This was the perfect day to seize this opportunity. The planning I had planned (yes, chuckles and loud laughter are allowed) can be done tomorrow.

#NaBloPoMo day 13 done. And a mini Mount Doom tackled.

7 thoughts on “Here’s why I don’t plan

  1. Books, Hooks, and Yarn

    I wish I had the drive to clean my room (any room!) more often lol.
    It gets cleaned maybe twice every couple years if that and within almost 5 days of cleaning something is usually messing it up. Had a friend help clean up in the spring and now I can’t find anything because of how she put stuff and didn’t tell me where! (It all went in boxes that are so full that trying to find anything in them is adding to the mess…very productive)
    I may or may not have been grumpy at her about it for a week after (even though I was very thankful for the help) I have now sworn no one can touch my room to help me or I’ll loose more of my possessions.
    Any tips on just basic cleaning for a bedroom?
    x.o. Breanna

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    1. Angela van Son Post author

      I can’t say I have a drive to clean. My natural talent is to be disorganised with my stuff, and let it find natural places to stay ( as compared to putting them away somewhere).

      This is what helps me: Lisa has put together very practical things to help people deal with little bits at a time, getting lots of things done in the end. She has a free newsletter and a free Facebook group, where we share waht we get done, appreciate each other’s efforts and know how difficult it can be. Many crocheters in there too, it’s a group for people who like stuff (but want to keep it manageable if that’s doable).

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  3. TooFullToWrite

    Taking pictures is a good idea as a way to step outside of the situation and look on everything with a fresh perspective. You can then work out better ways to organise or rid yourself of clutter because you are on the outside looking in. I still have piles of stuff in my bedroom to work through (mostly books to read) and I know I will get through them eventually but some have been sitting there for months. I should make a goal to clear a little bit each day and I bet I will be ecstatic with the results. A mini Mount Doom sounds like a naughty cupcake or a type of energy drink 🙂



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