I’m sad about it

I think I’ve managed to write a lot more about my thoughts than about my feelings this far. Thinking is a great way of staying away from my feelings. Writing is a great way of sort of going there, but with a contamination suit on: I’ll witness them more than I feel them.

I don’t like to write about my feelings, but luckily there’s music. I’m still tired of a tough week, even though I took that break yesterday. I feel bad. And I’m sad about it.

Oh, I’ve just discovered an older version of this song!

No more writing, no more analyzing, no more dealing with physical or mental stuff today. I’ll treat myself like I have the flu, and listen to a lot of Lee Moses. I’ve only discovered him just now. What a voice! So much soul!

#NaBloPoMo day 11 (National Blog Posting Month = posting a blog post every day for the month of November)

2 thoughts on “I’m sad about it

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  2. TooFullToWrite

    Music has taught me so much more about my feelings than feeling my own feelings in life 🙂 I get what you mean about being an observer/chronicler of your own feelings when you are writing. Music works in a similar way but I think you get to emotionally connect with the musical part of a piece in addition to the lyrics, which to me either ends up making me feel euphoric or cathartic, depending on my mood and the music I am listening too.

    Sometimes I even forget what a beautiful, invigorating, motivational tool music is and have to keep reminding myself to listen to it when I am working on projects, along with listening to new stuff too. You just don’t know when you are going to find a song that expresses how you are feeling right now more perfectly than you ever could. You get to enjoy the understanding of those moments more clearly and vividly, whether it makes you laugh or cry, glorious or tragic they are your special moments that teach you all about yourself, what makes you tick and you also realise there are other people out there that can relate with your problems too because they have had similar struggles shared through the medium of song 🙂

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