Denial is bliss

Lo and behold. The skeleton has been found. Next to the closet…

My filing system is hiding in that big cardboard box. When I moved my office back into my house, that huge box stayed in the living room for over a year. Closed. At one point we started using it as a side table. It took a friend coming over from the UK to remove the box. She saw it, asked what was in it, and offered to carry it upstairs (two flights of staors, big and heavy box, she’s fabulous!).

It probably stood in the middle of the attic room for a month or two, then it ended up next to that door. The door I walk through several times a day.

Somehow, I managed not to see the box any more. It no longer functioned as a visual clue to get something done. Iit didn’t burden my mind, it just stood there. Hiding in plain sight.

Denial is bliss.

Yesterday I wrote on my Facebook page that I got fed up with myself and needed a break. From working on my project, from writing, or from both. It’s #NaBloPoMo, so I decided to give myself a break from my project but still write a quick post. See you tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Denial is bliss

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  2. TooFullToWrite

    Our brains are such crazy things. When we eventually get round to tackling things and force ourselves to confront them, they aren’t nearly as bad as we have imagined them to be. But yes, denial is still bliss 🙂



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