Is there a catch?

So, you offer a free tool and want my e-mail address. What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. I’m developing a program for procrastinators. That takes time. I know myself: if I work until everything is perfect, I’m going to procrastinate. Reaching out to you now will keep me motivated and inspired.

1 thought on “Is there a catch?

  1. Abderrafie

    There is a lot of programs and books about procrastination ; I got some of them but feel confused about which one to choose ; usually I begin enthusiastically by one book, method…but after the first chapters, I get bored and give up. I think : there might be a better book, method,…I stop for sometime, feel stuck…until I discover another book, method,…and the cycle repeats again: beginning with enthusiasm,..!



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